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Coin kitchen cabinetry & the vanity warehouse

Richie is a master stone mason with many years experience in the cutting, fabrication and installation of granites, marbles, quartzite's, quartz and other stone species. He comes from a long line of master stone cutters and masons. One fun fact about his family, is that 50% of all the men has, have and are presently working in the stone masonry trade dating back to the early middle ages.

Richie is also a classically trained chef de cuisine, holding a culinary degree. He has worked in some of the best restaurants in world. From his early career working at the famed Mesa Grill under chef Bobby Flay, to Le Bar Bat, to The Bright Food Shop and others including his fondest of all cooking experiences which was learning BBQ grilling under the great Argentine chefs. Considered the very best in world. Later coming back to his life calling of stone masonry. Leaving cooking aside for the enjoyment of his family and friends for the last 20 years.