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So you want to remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. Or both. Right? Good, may be we can help you get there. Lets assumed we already made first contact and we have an appointment time set. Great; the first step is to make this first meeting a good one. This initial meeting is the real foundation to it all. At least is how we like to treat it. We will come prepared with questions that will allow us to know from you ( because this is about you ) all your wishes, ideas, needs and budget to make this project an enjoyable and successful one.
Do you like to cook? Do you entertain? Do you bake? Would you like the space to be a practical one? Or, would you like this space to be the center of your family's universe? Are you investing to sale? How much do you like contrast? Granite, marble or quartz? Wood flooring? These are some of the question we have prepared for you. Remember our task is to gather as much information as we can in order to minimize senseless back and forth.
The second meeting should take place at our showroom. There we can show you options and alternatives to spaces, colors, dimensions, budget, etc. Quick optional changes are always best made at the showroom. Whether you are using your own contractor/installer, or a contractor/installer we recommended, or you are doing the installation, this second meeting is key to the avoiding of time waisting and making costly mistakes in the future. We always recommend that whom ever is doing the project/installation should be present. Also, because of the thoroughness of the first meeting, we will be able to determine if other people should be present. Like the granite fabricator or the architect. Certainly everyone that can help is always more than welcome.
Lastly, the third meeting should be if possible the final one. Once the layout, style, colors, stones and budget, etc is agreed upon commitment. All interested parties will meet at the designated job site to go over the whole project details.
The day your cabinets are to be deliver. We will meet once again with you, the contractor/installer and one of us to go over the whole order to make sure everything is as ordered.
Not leaving anything to chance is our way we like to work with and for you. Lets get started.