Coin kitchen cabinetry & the vanity warehouse

We will listen to your wishes, ideas and pay special attention to budget.
Give us a call and find out
who we are, what we are about and our process of service.

Let Us Find The Right Bathroom Vanity & Stone Top For You

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Can we be of assistance?
Of course we can.
Let us help.

Thinking about remodeling your bathroom?
Let us help you find the perfect bathroom vanity that can accompany and accentuate the rest of the fixed and removable fixtures and accessories.

Cabinet style vanity? Or furniture like vanity?
Our experts will be at your service to help make all this very important decisions much easier.

How about the vanity top?
Remember. The vanity top is as important as the actual vanity. Marble, granite or quartz.

What color should the vanity top be?
The rest of your bathroom design pretty much gravitate around the vanity top. From the tiles ( walls & floor ), to the rest of the stone fabricated pieces i.e. entrance door saddle, shower step threshold, shower bench, corner soap selves and more.

Don't have a sink?
No problem. We can help.
Oval, square, rectangular or vessel.
Also. Every month we have great sales on sinks with
Just ask us.

Are you doing the project your self? Or, are you hiring a contractor?
We'll be happy to help no matter what route you take.
We will assist you and/or your hired contractor all the way with our part of the project to the best of our abilities and skills.

With us, you have it all.
In our team we have at your service a 20/20 software designer/carpenter with years of experience and full understanding of cabinetry ( kitchen & bathroom ) installations in all thinkable applications.
A master stone
mason/fabricator with personal years of apprenticeship under the teaching of past generations.
And finally an in-house architect for the type projects that require a full building professional.
Read more…

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Are you looking for a vanity top that can best match the rest of all the stone fabrication pieces you need for. Read more…
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Coin kitchen cabinetry & the vanity warehouse
Falco 125 Halls Mill Rd, Freehold, New Jersey 07728