Coin kitchen cabinetry & the vanity warehouse

We will listen to your wishes, ideas and pay special attention to budget.
Give us a call and find out
who we are, what we are about and our process of service.

Let Us Find The Right Bathroom Vanity & Stone Top For You

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Can we be of assistance?
Of course we can.
Let us help.

So. You want to remodel your kitchen and don't really know where to start?
We can simplify the entire process by listening, designing, suggesting and advising you step by step.
It's not hard when you have knowledgeable professionals working for and with you.

Do you have your own contractor?
No problem. We will adapt and work with your contractor by listening and working in conjunction with his suggestions. This way, we can insure that everything goes according to plan. Minimizing mistakes and time loss.

Can't visualize the design idea?
Come to our showroom. Our designing format and latest most advanced software will clarify the whole picture for you to admire and enjoy the experience.

What colors, styles, brands and applications will best fit your new kitchen?
By asking key questions and carefully listening to your answers, we can collect and pin-point necessary information that will help us design your next kitchen around your wishes, needs, taste and lifestyle.

Is budget a factor?
Of course. Budget is always a factor. But nothing says that a big budget will give you the best results. Our way of making budget a minor concern is by coming up with great ideas. Yes, ideas don't have to be expensive. And we have plenty of them. Just let us show you.

Who is working for you?
We do. Simple as that.
You are the boss. Our job is to listen, understand, create and deliver.
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With us, you have it all.
In our team we have at your service a 20/20 software designer/carpenter with years of experience and full understanding of cabinetry ( kitchen & bathroom ) installations in all thinkable applications.
A master stone
mason/fabricator with personal years of apprenticeship under the teaching of past generations.
And finally an in-house architect for the type projects that require a full building professional.
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Coin Kitchen Cabinetry. Freehold, NJ 732-414-2233
Kitchen Storage ideas page. Let us at Coin Kitchen Cabinetry & The Vanity Warehouse LLC. show you great alternatives ideas for kitchen cabinetry storage. This will keep you within budget and add tremendous practicality to your kitchen space. By utilizing storage accessories you will be surprised as to how much bigger your kitchen will seem like.
Kitchen storage accessories are used for many reasons.
  • Lack of space.
  • convenience
  • special needs
  • order
  • budget
  • creativity and more….
No matter what the end reason is. We can help make your dream kitchen the perfect addition to your daily life.
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Coin kitchen cabinetry & the vanity warehouse
Falco 125 Halls Mill Rd, Freehold, New Jersey 07728